NEW RELEASE: Chimipui – Akatsuki / Yudachi [Zodiac13]

NEW RELEASE: Chimipui – Akatsuki / Yudachi [Zodiac13]

ZODIAC13’s L series 3rd release is from Chimipui.
Chimipui is Japanese electronic music duo composed of Kei How and Hal Paka Mi, originating in Hokkaido.
Both of Akatsuki and Yudachi are reminiscent of Japanese tradition.
We hope you enjoy Chimipui’s emotional soundscape.

Thank you.

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Release Date: 2020-09-07

Label: Zodiac13

Catalog: Z13L003

Kei Haw’s biography:

Born and living in Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan, in the 2000s, I fell in love with electronic music such as TM Network and YMO, and started making tracks with a friend’s Mod Plug tracker.

I entered a music school in Sapporo and got into techno.

At that time, I was influenced by Takahiro Nishikawa and Hiroki Esashika (Pessaelectro) and started to DJ.

After graduating, I worked in a club in Obihiro, Japan, and started making tracks while DJing.

Then in 2014, he was introduced to the artist and released the Akino Kareha EP on Columbia’s Galapago Recordings, and in 2019 he released Matsuri on Spring Tube Label’s V.A.

Sub-label’s HIROGARU NIJI EP has been released.

In 2020, he will start his sibling unit Chimipui. In spring, they will form the unit 摩訶摩訶 (Macamaca) by Hal Paka Mi, Tak and Kure90.

日本の北海道帯広市出身、帯広市在住。2000年代にTM NetworkやYMOなどの電子音楽が好きになり、友達が使っていたMod Plug trackerでトラック制作を始めました。
その頃Takahiro Nishikawaさんや、Hiroki Esashikaさんに影響を受け、DJも開始しました。
そして2014年にアーティストに紹介されコロンビアのGalapago RecordingsでAkino Kareha EPをリリースしました。2019年にSpring Tube LabelのV.A.でMatsuriをリリース。

2020年には兄弟ユニットChimipuiを始動。春にはHal Paka Mi, Tak, Kure90のユニット摩訶摩訶(Macamaca)を結成する。




About LuNa

LuNaLUNA is a DJ from Osaka, Japan.
She started DJ-ing in dining bars back in 2011. Since then, she has decided to limit herself to online activities, such as podcasts and radio shows, which actually brought her to a wider stage.

As a child, LUNA grew up in an environment with different types of music and this contributed to the fact that her play style incorporates a diversity of music genres like House, Techno, something Deep and Progressive, and also Chill. She is free-spirited and plays in her own style.

In order to make more people interested in club music and enjoy clubbing, LUNA is still working hard on performing her mission.

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