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Linney – “Daisies”

Album: Daisies
Producer, and Sound Design+
Lyrics and vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Linney
Release on: Helix Records

A beautiful flower, that embraces the world with color, wonder, heart, and love. A reminder of change, memories, things that connect us to others. Linney’s newest release “Daisies” is so much more beyond the beautiful flower. It is connected to what makes us all unique, our hopes, dreams, and wishes. What keeps us going, brings joy to others.

Like a warm hug of a loved one, or a morning that you wake up to, and eager to share with someone special. In this amazing song, Linney explores the emotions, and memories this beautiful flower connected her to, in her life. A daisy is a treasure, especially when it connects us to those we hold dear.

“Daisies” contains a fun and vast melody, catchy vocals, and lyrics, and a hypnotic beat that dances together. Like that feeling of running into field of flowers, it is peaceful, captivating, and wonderful. A moment to breathe, it brings a smile to one’s face. But also it makes you want to move, get lost in the sound. Where everything else washes away, a moment of pure joy. Nature and music coming together, flowing as one.

This amazing new release is available now. A definite must own, in your music library.

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