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Cosmic Gate release new single with Andy Duguid, on tour in Europe/North America

Cosmic Gate release new single with Andy Duguid, on tour in Europe/North America

Their latest single, “It’s Simple,” a collab with Andy Duguid, is the final release from their latest album, Mosaiik Chapter 2. It’s a delicately building vocal track, with all the elements of a smooth trance classic.

The dynamic, iconic German duo are currently on tour in Europe in support of their new album. Their next stop will be this Friday, May 26th in Manchester, followed by the kickoff of the US leg of their tour with a show in Madison, Wisconsin on June 9th.

Cosmic Gate & Andy Duguid – It’s Simple

Released May 12, 2023 on Wake Your Mind Records


Cosmic Gate – MOSAIIK Chapter Two [ALBUM]

01: Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Hear Me Out
02: Cosmic Gate & Nathan Nicholson – Follow You Anywhere
03: Cosmic Gate & Gid Sedgwick – Emotions Of Color
04: Cosmic Gate & Nathan Nicholson – Just The Beginning
05: Cosmic Gate & Andy Duguid – It’s Simple
06: Cosmic Gate – Mirador
07: Cosmic Gate & Olivia Sebastianelli – We Got The Fire
08: Cosmic Gate & Greenhaven DJs – Retrospection
09: Cosmic Gate & Diana Miro – Blame (Pavel Khvaleev Remix)

Listen/purchase now, via this link [https://blackhole.lnk.to/mosaiik2]


Cosmic Gate MOSAIIK Chapter Two Album Tour: Phase Three


MAY 12 Stereo Live Dallas, TX
MAY 19 EDC Las Vegas, NV
MAY 26 Joshua Brooks Manchester, UK
MAY 28 Proton Stuttgart, DE
JUN 01 Gagarin Club Tel Aviv, IR
JUN 02 Aseven Berlin, DE
JUN 03 Mission Festival Zurich, CH
JUN 09 Liquid Madison, WI
JUN 10 The Fruit Durham, NC
JUN 16 Union Rooftop Minneapolis, MN
JUN 17 Elektricity Pontiac, MI
JUN 22 Electric Forest* Rothbury, MI
JUN 24 Biggest Disco Naas, IR
JUL 01 Euforia Festival Boszkowo, PL
JUL 02 A State Of Trance London, UK
JUL 08 Beats For Love Ostrava, CR
JUL 21 Young Island Fest Bacau, RO
JUL 23 Tomorrowland Boom, BE
JUL 23 Parookaville Weeze, DE
JUL 28 Ora Seattle, WA
JUL 29 45 East Portland, OR
AUG 04 Nova San Diego, CA
AUG 12 Moonrise Festival Baltimore, MD
AUG 18 Harbor Event Centre Vancouver, BC
AUG 24 Sky Salt Lake City, UT
AUG 25 Exchange Los Angeles, CA
AUG 26 Palace Theatre Calgary, AB
SEP 09 Elsewhere Rooftop* New York, NY
OCT 21 Transmission* Bangkok, TH


If only it were that ‘Simple’! The final number to be taken from Cosmic Gate’s epic twin-album ‘MOSAIIK’ odyssey is a collaboration that’s been on the cards for years.

Nic, Bossi and Andy’s musical paths first crossed, when Duguid remixed ‘Not Enough Time’, during CGs ‘Sign Of The Times’ era. All parties have been on major stylistic journeys since, probably no better illustrated than by the imaginative depths and lyrically thought-provoking ends to which ‘MOSAIIK’ has reached. Thus, it’s no great surprise that it became their natural point of convergence. Through it, the three found a track idea that spoke equally to all … and that was ‘It’s Simple’.

It’s no coincidence that artistically, ‘It’s Simple’ is the swansong to follow MOSAIIK’s penultimate release, ‘Mirador’. Among the albums’ 18 pieces, there are no two that better characterise the LPs thematic range. While ‘Mirador’s powerful instrumentalism had both eyes trained on the clubfloor, ‘It’s Simple’ is the essence of the albums’ alternative, boundary pushing ‘otherness’.

The frayed, almost fractured feel of its remarkable vocals, have an unmistakable Röyksopp-ian edge to them. Lamenting, plaintive and often wrought, their emotional tone is as every bit as authentic as it is breathtakingly affecting. With their studio work, the three echo that with fluttering sub-melodies, pulsating bass, redolent pianoforte, and synths that hover in the production’s midrange. Delivering its final, emotionally annihilating masterstroke, they draw on violin strings that live long in the mind … but longer still in the heart.

‘Simple’ by name, anything but by its nature, there can be no more fitting conclusion to ‘MOSAIIK’s extraordinary arc than ‘It’s Simple’. It releases today through all good streaming and sales platforms [https://blackhole.lnk.to/itssimple].


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