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JES “Long Way Home” (Will Atkinson Club Mix)

Album Title: “Long Way Home” (Will Atkinson Extended Club Mix)
Vocals, and lyrics by singer, songwriter: JES
Producer, Sound design: Will Atkinson
Release on: Black Hole Recordings
Out Now Everywhere

The original “Long Way Home” was one of those awesome treasures. that was featured in “The Last King of Scotland”. A journey of sound, music, and soul together as one. Each track told its own story, through lyrics, vocals, and the amazing energy throughout each song. Within these seventeen tracks, “Long Way Home” had a unique energy. Containing JES’s phenomenal lyrics, and vocals that delivered amazing energy, and feels.

This is the fun part, both versions are amazing. The original takes a journey through vibes, sound, and JES’s voice serenading your heart and soul. Those chills are exhilarating, beautiful, and moving. While containing a more meditative state, which reminds me of a classic Oceanlab track. Within this new remix, it captures those vibes, energy, and the immersive flow from both JES and Will Atkinson. Art that goes another level, expanding your heart, mind and soul, like a painting come to life with new colors, and expression.

To put my thoughts into words, this Extended Club Mix is: beautiful, immersive, makes you get up and dance, get lost in the sound, good vibes, a track that makes you want to smile, lift your hands up high, enjoy its magic. Yes, this is that feeling I get from this incredible remix. If you loved the original, you will totally love this amazing remix of an already mesmerizing, and unforgettable tune that you must add to your music library.

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