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Jerry Chiu Electrofans Guestmix

Special guest set from Jerry Chiu (Droid 9, Fuzzy Recordings, Soluna Music, pure.fm), custom-made and mastered for us to celebrate the One-Year Anniversary of our podcast.

01. Matter (@matter) – Star.Rock (Matter & UHX Dragon Awaken Intro Mix) [Particles – @particles]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/star-rock-…tro-mix/10510488

02. Paul Angelo & Don Argento (@paulangelodonargento) – Fountain of Youth (Original Mix) [Soundteller – @soundteller-records]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/fountain-o…nal-mix/10475908

03. Rick Pier O Niel (@rickpieroneil) – Abandoned Planet (GMJ Remix – @gmj-fulcrum) [RPO Records – @rpo-records]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/abandoned-…j-remix/10617343

04. Alex O’Rion (@alexorion) – Rubicon (Original Mix) [ICONYC – @iconycofficial]
BUY: www.beatport.com/release/rubicon/2310480

05. Willscape (@willscapemusic) – Momentum (Original Mix) [Capital Heaven – @capital-heaven]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/momentum-o…nal-mix/10745740

06. Aly & Fila (@alyandfila) – Rebirth (Bluum Remix – @user-656780176) [FSOE UV – @fsoeuv]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/rebirth-bl…d-remix/10708047

07. Analog Jungs (@analog-jungs) – Phoenix (Subandrio Remix – @subandrio) [Balkan Connection – @balkan-connection]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/phoenix-su…o-remix/10784083

08. Kamilo Sanclemente (@kamilosanclemente) – Alma (Analog Jungs Remix) [Droid9 – @droid9recordings]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/alma-analo…s-remix/10800530

09. Kamilo Sanclemente – Gemma (Original Mix) [Clubsonica – @clubsonicarec]
BUY: www.beatport.com/track/gemma-original-mix/10615907

10. Stan Kolev (@stankolev) – Revolt [Outta Limits – @outta-limits-recordings]

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