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Human After All


This is the day Daft Punk said “so long, farewell”. A video entitled “Epilogue” appeared, cut from a film doc the duo made many years ago. Their journey across the stars meant so much to many around the world. Beyond music, they crossed into genres, collaborations no one dared to dream of, plus creating a story with their music diving into animation, and becoming part of the Grid within a game that revived a long lost classic film.

Interstella 5555 with the legendary anime director Leiji Matsumoto is an experience one must take. It is a dive into various genres blended together, creating a narrative that is: epic, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and magical. Discovery, a music video journey

Tron: Legacy. The long awaited sequel, mastered by these two phenomenal robots. Crafting a masterpiece, from club energy, to orchestral, trance, and so much more. The album was broken up into several parts, because it was so huge. The 31 track lead album covers even more journeys into “The Grid”. Dive in.
Tron: Legacy (Complete Edition)

As a long time fan of their works, it hurts, stings, the feels are real. We all connected through their funky / psychedelic French house / electronica style. It dug into our hearts, made us move, feel things we normally wouldn’t from other artists. Bending time and space, crossing dimensions, taking use elsewhere beyond what the human eye can see.


A journey ends, but anything is possible. Its not the end, just so long, farewell.

A look back at their extensive library
Homework, to RAM, a legacy

Music friends that keep hope alive

Yazid Le Voyageur
Took on enhancing the Discovery album. From beginning to end, giving it a next gen feeling and expression. While keeping its beating heart throughout. A must listen, crank it up, and lose yourself to the beat

Alex Moukala
An awesome music producer / artist who also happens to enjoy video game music as well. Plus loves to create tutorials, and mixes of tunes you would never imagine.
Something Funky

Recently he crossed over Final Fantasy XIV sound style for its new trailer, mixed with Daft Punk vibe energy. Creating something amazing

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