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Franki Love – The Sky

Album: The Sky
Lyrics, and Vocals by Singer, Songwriter: Franki Love
Producers, Sound Design: Michael Hoppe, Steve Halpern
Remix by: Hex Hector
Release on: Love is the Truth

Music can connect with many emotions, and feelings. But what about a warm hug? An embrace, something that feels like the best gift ever, and it makes a gloomy day seem brighter, the clouds fade, and the sky is more blue. That is what this album “The Sky” feels like. It is a surreal, warm, kind, sweet, but also motivational as well. Nine songs that complete this experience, music that connects to you, soulful, and feel good vibes.

432hz are special tracks, an interlude, but also have a unique vibe that flows from one track to the next

1) Heaven Flows in You Forever
2) Walk the Line With Angels (432hz)
3) Look Up To the Sky
4) Fly Like the Wonder You Are
5) Just Relax And Flow (432hz)
6) Moon Maiden Tears II (Remix by Hex Hector)
7) Heidi’s Waltz Beyond (with Michael Hoppe)
8) It’s Written in the Stars
9) Ocean of Bliss and Inner Peace (with Steven Halpern)

All nine songs are something wonderful, that you must experience. It is one of those albums that stands out on its own, but also is an energy we all need in our lives. Just hit play, and unwind.

Each track, and collaboration contains magical, hopeful lyrics, and vocals. From the use of instruments, to tones that deliver a different energy you feel deep down inside. This amazing album is available now.

Love is the Truth, is Franki Love’s label. A self release, and awesome indie artist.

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