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Flemcy Music Label Showcase Mix

JP Lantieri and the illustrious Flemcy Music label have been one of our oldest and most substantial partners. One of the very first music samplers we ever created in fact was a sampler for Flemcy’s One-Year Anniversary album that we placed on our website.

We are so delighted to present to you today this simply smashing, nearly two and half hour special DJ set, hand-prepared just for us by JP as part of the celebrations for the Fifth Anniversary of our podcast. Enjoy!


“It’s a 100% Flemcy set, some tracks being as old as Electrofans, all tracks have been released on Flemcy Music.

While creating this set, many memories came back to me and I realised that quite a number of great producers have made beautiful tracks or remixes for Flemcy Music.

If you browse through the tracklisting, you’ll see that some of these artists are quite established in the progressive house and melodic techno scene, while some are active but not yet superstars.

You may recognise some names among veterans Stan Kolev, Morttagua, Robert Babicz, Kamilo Sanclemente, Whoriskey, Ucros, Cary Crank, Sparrox…

Mind you, this set is pretty long: 2 hours and 20 minutes! and I had to make decisions on which tracks not to play otherwise it would have been much longer!…

I hope you and Electrofans audience will like this nice journey.”

1. 00:00 JP Lantieri – Opening (Original Mix)

2. 07:04 Whoriskey – Reakt (Original Mix)

3. 11:44 Ge Bruny – At North (Original Mix)

4. 17:42 Benttum – Intentions (Original Mix)

5. 24:06 Ornery & JP Lantieri – Proximity (LORRAÎNNE Remix)

6. 30:17 Kamilo Sanclemente – Enchanted Forest (Original Mix)

7. 35:58 SparroX – Cracks (Original Mix)

8. 42:25 Cary Crank – Shooting Stars (Original Mix)

9. 47:52 JP Lantieri – Trust Your Voice (Original Mix

10. 52:35 Findike – After Corona (Original Mix)

11. 57:45 Fractal Architect – Hope and History (Original Mix)

12. 1:02:28 Not Demure – Ostinato (Morttagua Remix)

13. 1:07:57 Forest Weed – Keep It Alive (Original Mix)

14. 1:13:49 Ornery – Atomicity (Original Mix)

15. 1:17:53 Froyke – Voices (Original Mix)

16. 1:22:51 JP Lantieri, Daniela Rhodes – Inspired feat. Daniela Rhodes (Mystik Vybe Remix)

17. 1:28:11 Teleport-X – Planeador (Original Mix)

18. 1:33:52 Sounom & Sagou – Saivu (Original Mix)

19. 1:39:06 Cary Crank – Milky Way (Original Mix)

20. 1:43:47 JP Lantieri – The Dark Side (Robert Babicz Remix)

21. 1:49:09 Austin Pettit, Ornery – Space (Original Mix)

22. 1:53:43 Ucros – Cinnamon Dog (Original Mix)

23. 1:58:02 Saintbull – Teide (Original Mix)

24. 2:02:53 JP Lantieri – Pinot Grigio (Stan Kolev Remix)

25. 2:07:48 Digital Mess – Halo (Original Mix)

26. 2:13:28 Eli David – Dance in Dubai (Original Mix)

27. 2:19:21 JP Lantieri – Opening (Original Mix)

end 2:19:57






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