“Fill The Sky” album review

Album title: Fill the Sky
Lyrics and vocals: Hidden Tigress
Producers: Alex Shevchenko, Ithur
Remix by: Derek Palmer
Label: Nahawand Recordings
Release: Out Now

Original and Radio Mix:
The feeling of freedom, energy, and uplifting. The motion of the the sky above. What if it could sing? This amazing track, lyrics, vocals, and melody serenade to a beautiful connection with one another. The passing of stars, the moonlight, into daylight, with the light of the sun, colors of our world, the passing clouds, winds, further moving as time passes. The flow of time, and movement of day into night, is art, it explores every part of our amazing planet. This place we call home, our sky, our world. This song celebrates so much of who Mother Earth is to us all, human, and creature alike.

Remix and Remix Radio Mix:
Think of this as the night version of the tune. The energy is different, more hyped, compared to the original mix which is calm. Its flow is serenity, as if the stars, and the moon come into place. The melody, tempo, and instruments also dance with that atmospheric energy, shifting, changing, expanding. It is a wonder, a beauty, something to be shared, admired, it, the Earth as if singing a song of change. From the setting sun, to everything in motion, it feels like a unique energy all its own, a beating heart, and voice guided by an unknown force connected to us.

Both versions of this incredible track, are a must to have in your playlist, or music library. Share its wonders, beauty, heart, and soul. Immersive, magical, wondrous, and breathtaking.

Music videos
(Original Mix)

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  1. Hidden Tigress says:

    Thanks again for another great review! Many seemed to enjoy the Derek Palmer Remix of this one! ??

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