Electrofans/Kwettr Partnership

We are very excited to announce today that we will be partnering with KWETTR, one of the world’s foremost electronic music marketing companies.

Based in the Netherlands, Kwettr offers a broad suite of digital products designed to help further the connection between electronic music artists, labels and fans, such as:

– social “unlock & messaging tools” for artists to reward their most loyal fans with exclusive content (in exchange for a tweet/like/follow, etc)

– smart link-building music landing pages (“complete.me”) which allow fans to choose their favorite way to stream/download your latest release

– a mobile app that allows artists to reward fans with a free track when they share posts on Instagram during a live show

They have worked with artists and labels such as: Paul van Dyk, BT, Black Hole Recordings, Cosmic Gate, Roger Shah, Luminosity, Ava Recordings, Flashover Recordings, Grotesque, singer Christian Burns, and many more.

Explore more about the company and services they offer:

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ELECTROFANS is a rapidly rising electronic music promotion company based in San Francisco, California.

They are best known for their high-quality, multi-channel content and platform, such as their:

– blog

– podcast/mix series

– extremely passionate fan/producer community

– new artist coaching & management services

More info at:

We are joining forces to further our shared mission of connecting electronic music artists & labels with fans, rewarding them with special exclusive content in exchange for supporting artists they love!

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