AYLI & Public Works Create Magic

AYLI & Public Works present:

Seth Troxler, Jaden Thompson, Demi Riquísimo

This Saturday March 4 @ 9:00 pm AYLI & Public Works present Seth Troxler


Massive night this Saturday 4th March – AYLI & Public Works present Seth Troxler.

Seth Troxler brings Detroit, Chicago and Berlin into the main room.

The night features San Francisco debuts from Jaden Thompson in the main room and Demi Riquísimo in the Loft.


The Big Bang

When you follow anyone involved with Detroit Techno it doesn’t take long before someone starts trolling about the first use of the word Techno – as if the first use of a word is the same as a scene.

The fact is that Detroit was day one, the big bang of a scene that resonated into the future and redefined the past. It is only from this point that you can really view the sonic groundwork and framework of Kraftwerk and all the other pioneers of the electronic soundscape. Detroit was where the atom of the scene was first split and nothing was ever going to be the same.

Morphic Resonance

Like the idea of morphic resonance – a self-organising system will inherit a memory of all previous similar systems that came before. But in a magical twist Rupert Sheldrake argues that it resonates and influences the past – a loop is created. By this logic you could claim that early Kraftwerk is influenced by the future existence of Detroit Techno. Same for the Chicago House scene – the roots may spread far and wide – tangled webs of influence and pioneering artists – but this is the pulsating heart at the centre of the dance universe. Every time you hear this music you exist at all points in time…


MAIN ROOM: AYLI & Public Works present:




LOFT (hosted by Create Magic)





An evening that’s sure to deliver the goods – remember to check out Alvaro bringing a deep and varied selection of music to the Loft.


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