HASHIRA — electro breaks modern electronic art music

As you may already know, we here at Electrofans love to support underground electronic music artists, and Hashira is an excellent case in point!

An original producer & DJ from London, Hashira’s music combines elements of electro and breakbeats, in a swirling, twisting, and energetic style that is highly unique. It grabs your listening ear and holds onto it, conjuring up exotic landscapes in your mind’s eye.


Check out the positive and effortless beats on the track, “Cascade”:


You can envision a variety of scenes while listening to Hashira’s music:

– background music for some kind of fashion show:

– skateboarders doing their thing (with the frenetic, gurgling tones of It Wasnt Meant 2 B):

– shimmering, shuffling video game-reminiscent breakbeats:

He can throw down some wicked, old-skool-esque DJ sets (including vinyl!). Here is he is jamming out with friends, back-to-back at an open house party with fellow DJ, Olivia Ward:



His new EP, ‘Resurrection,’ is now available on his Bandcamp page.


It has elements of film soundtracks, video game scores, and a highly artful musicality.

We featured the scintillating track, “15C,” as the lead-off track in our latest Soundscapes podcast (episode 22).

Each track on the EP is riveting from start to finish. The music here really grabs ahold of you, seizes your attention, and leaves you with a vivid impression and sounds that will be stuck on repeat in your head.

The comments from fans on SoundCloud underscore the glowing reception and rave reviews for Hashira’s work.

You can almost imagine, while listening to “Flight Mode,” for example, someone skateboarding (or, dare we even say…. breakdancing??) in a busy urban scene.



All of the elements – the synth pads, stabs, swirls and swells / crisp, crackling percussive elements – are lusciously interwoven.

Gurgling, bouncy, punchy beats juxtaposed with dramatic and cinematic synths (“Alive”). (The layering that this guy does is off the charts).

His latest track is called “Snake Charming,” and he’s offering it as a free download on his Bandcamp page.

It features winding, infectious grooves that are entirely indicative of its title.



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