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Album Review: “Restless”

Album “Restless
Lyrics and vocals by singer/ songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Producer and sound design: Marcell Stone
Remix by: Beatsole
Label: Emergent Skies (part of the awesome Emergent Music label)

Ever feel something so deep, everything else fades away? This amazing journey in lyrics, soundscape, energy, and atmosphere connects to the heart. A connection you feel from every flow of emotion, to beats of the heart. The original mix finds a blend of energy, and exquisite sound with acoustic guitar mid way into the song. There is something special here, a moment in sound that gives it variations in tone, yet harmoniously flows perfectly with one another. The lyrics throughout this amazing song are: beautiful, heartfelt, but also dig deep into emotions that are rarely expressed. Close your eyes, and let it take you away.

The music video for the “Restless” original mix is an astonishing trip, with different atmosphere’s, to the imagery of two people together, and some separate in what feels like another world. While the outside world is constantly shifting.

Beatsole’s Remix taps into another energy, with a vibrant beat, yet cascading with vibes all its own. It feels like a transition from day to night, with a chill vibe capturing your heart and soul. It is a wonderful companion piece to the original mix, building tone, wonder, awe, beauty, like a flow of water.

The music video for this remix is remarkable, and breathtaking. Enjoy the ride
“Restless” Beatsole Remix

Also available are Extended Mixes of both versions, and a dub.
The album is fantastic, and a must add to your music library.

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