Tensteps debut album, “Infinite”

Tensteps debut album, “Infinite”

Released on Andrew Rayel’s label, Find Your Harmony
Release Date: October 6, 2023
From the opening notes of “Infinito (Intro)”, Tensteps sets the stage for a dramatic setting, preparing the listener for an inspiring, uplifting musical voyage. As the arpeggios start to accelerate and the drumbeats start to pound, images are conjured up of laser lights, DJ decks, and people dancing with heads bobbing and fists pumping in the air. The stage is set, and we are off….

Linney enters the scene next, with her delicately soaring vocals on “Broken Ones.”

Next, Sendr & Robin Vane promise us a “Paradise Tonight.” Things are taking off now as we begin to head toward a comfortable cruising altitude.

Achilles & Amin Salmee add punchy synths and a cool driving beat.

Auzzybear’s collab, “Spark” delivers further smooth crunchiness.


All in all, a very solid debut album release from Tensteps, featuring a nice variety of tunes. Included are: anthemic beats, uplifting melodies, strong and soaring vocal work that is well-coordinated from some of the finest singers in the field, and more.


A feel-grood trancey listening experience with energetic, inspiring vibes.



Tensteps presents his highly anticipated debut album, ‘Infinite’, released via Andrew Rayel’s label Find Your Harmony. The 17-track album showcases his unique blend of Trance, Progressive, Melodic Bass, and Psytrance genres. The album’s theme is about pushing limits and finding light in the darkness. It features powerful collaborations with vocalists like SGNLS, Linney, Sarah De Warren, and others. The album’s diverse lineup encapsulates Tensteps’ energetic and captivating sound, making ‘Infinite’ a must-listen experience that underscores his rise in the Electronic Dance Music scene.


1) Infinito (Intro)

2) Broken Ones (Extended Mix)
Linney, Tensteps

3) Into The Light (Extended Mix)
Tensteps, Luxtides

4) The Way We Fall Apart (Extended Mix)
NOHC, Tensteps

5) Don’t Want It To End (Extended Mix)
Tensteps, SGNLS

6) Chasing Fires (Extended Mix)
Dean Chalmers, Tensteps

7) Forever (Extended Mix)
Tensteps, Jaime Deraz

8) Breathe (Extended Mix)
Tensteps, glasscat

Still Standing (Extended Mix)
Corti Organ, Tensteps, Diana Inez

New Day (Extended Mix)
Amin Salmee, Achilles, Tensteps

End Of The Earth (Extended Mix)
Natalie Major, Tensteps

Deja Vu (Extended Mix)
Sarah De Warren, Tensteps

Out Of The Shadows (Extended Mix)

Spark (Extended Mix)
Tensteps, Auzzybear

Way To You (Extended Mix)
Karel & XoJani, Tensteps, Spencer Newell

Paradise Tonight (Extended Mix)
Robin Vane, Sendr, Tensteps

Save My Soul (Extended Mix)
Tensteps, DRKMODE

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