Kevin Pajak


Kevin is a web developer/designer, musician, entrepreneur, photographer, and copywriter from San Francisco, California. He has years of experience working with social media, marketing, online communities, PR, startups, and business development. He is the founder of two successful music companies.

Kevin has been an electronic music fan of all genres for decades.

JP Lantieri

Editor/Artist Coach/Advisor

JP has composed, produced and released over 100 tracks (on his own, in collaboration, or as remixes), released on more than 20 labels.

He founded and is currently running the highly regarded Flemcy Music label, having made 50+ releases of more than 200 tracks by 70 artists.

He has performed as a DJ in several clubs and festivals (in particular the famous EGG and Ministry of Sound in London), as well as virtual DJ sets.

Robert Turner

Editor (Reviews/New Releases)

Gamer, passionate music fan, continual student of what’s new and exciting.

Avid fan of trance, progressive house music, and artists such as BT, Above & Beyond, singer JES, Hidden Tigress, and various video game soundtracks, Robert has been an invaluable part of our editorial team since 2017.

Luna Shimada

Editor-in-Chief, Electrofans Asia

LuNa is a DJ from Osaka, Japan.

Founder of Fearless Recordings and Fearless Podcast (monthly radio show on DI.FM), Luna brings us artist spotlights, event and new release info on Japanese artists in her regular post series, “Eye on Japan.”

Tobias Zaldua

Guest Editor/Advisor

Tobias Zaldua is an English singer, musician, and filmmaker whose music tends toward the ambient and avant-garde. It as at once descriptive, narrative, evocative, and emotive. His music itself can be considered as the auditory equivalent of a film or photoshoot, portraying imagery through sounds, lyrics, and arrangements.

Sara Simms

Artist Coach/Editor

Best known for her techno sets and production skills, Sara is a multi-instrumentalist with a love for music technology. As a DJ, she’s played sets for Paxahau, Allen and Heath’s live broadcast at ADE and Miami Music Week, at Charivari Detroit, and at Techno Taco Tuesday for MNTRA in Las Vegas. Sara has created projects together with Mixed In Key, Native Instruments, 6AM Group and Data Transmission. As an educator, she’s put on production workshops with Point Blank, BIMM, Moog Music Inc, IO Music Academy and Femme House.

Sara’s label Simmetry Sounds is focused on releasing cutting edge techno and house. Her career highlights include: playing at Ultra Music Festival (Miami), appearing on DJ QBert’s ‘Skratch University’, and playing at AIR (Tokyo).

Phil Barker

Editor/Artist Coach

Multi-genre DJ and Producer based out of Houston, Texas. Phil has been producing original music, remixes, and DJing since 2008, specializing in several subgenres including deep, disco, and melodic progressive house. He is the latest in a long line of DIY producers and artists who are thriving in the current music industry landscape.

PhuturePhil has showcased his work at several prominent festivals across the United States and internationally. He has also released several charting EPs and singles on various prominent independent labels. From producing 1 million + stream tracks, to running a monthly radio show, to playing international gigs, PhuturePhil has a unique industry experience and outlook that can help guide any producer to new heights.


Editor/Pro Mixer

Zaria is a melodic techno artist and founder of Valkyria Records. She has released several EPs and singles on a variety of labels around the world. Her eclectic musical history and passion for melody gives her a unique sound that is simultaneously dark and uplifting.

Ky Mi

Guest Editor

Ky is a Radio show host and music blogger at Electronic Music Australia, as well as an independent record label owner with a passion for all things music, but particularly electronic music.

Electronic Music Australia

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