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Kevin is the Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Electrofans.com. He has years of experience in social media, marketing, online communities, PR, startups, business development, and web programming, and is the founder of two successful music companies.

In addition to his primary professional role as a web developer, Kevin is also a musician himself (having played guitar and keyboard for many years), and has been an electronic music fan of all genres for decades.

He is also a copywriter, photographer, and graphic designer.


Electrofans is truly a great promotion company for any Electronic Music! I myself as a Dj/Producer and a label owner have used Electrofans, and the results are very pleasing. It’s a great place to be a part of if you are an upcoming DJ, producer or start-up label. You are in good hands with Kevin Pajak, he is a super friendly and understanding promoter. ElectroFans is the right place to be in the Electronic World!

Murat Vural (DJ/Producer/Owner – Sound Vessel Records, deep house label from San Diego)


I just wanted to start off and say that the owner (Kevin) is an amazing and positive person with great energy with every conversation we have. He is most helpful when it comes to working with your new music. Electrofans has shared my music via their social medias and helped with promoting my tracks out to a wider audience, and I am grateful for their contribution to the genre of meloprog. I appreciate the mission to spread love through music ❤️

Donovan Townes (independent producer, aka “Z8phyR”)


The progressive house world has always been a niche circle, with its melodic branch even more so limited and rather not present in the big electronic radio shows apart from Digitally Imported and a few Youtube podcasts. As an indie label, Synth Collective has always tried to push the artists and releases to as many ears as possible. One partner that we respect and that has helped not only us, but the whole scene and beyond that, is Electrofans, Kevin Pajak’s brainchild, an e-zine, radio show, YT promotion service, electronic music column, and more, all rolled up into one. Their passion is second to none when it comes to putting unknown artists and labels on the map, and we have had several of our releases showcased on their shows and/or featured on the main page of their site. It’s a relationship of friendship and mutual love for music that binds us and we hope to see Synth Collective’s partnership grow with the brilliant minds behind Electrofans. See you all on the other side of music.

Tuemckey Shankar/George Ellinas (managers – Synth Collective label)


Electrofans has been introducing many new talented artists through great interviews and DJ mix shows for years now, with their understanding of good music and good people. I’m happy to be a part of their kind and wonderful team, and cannot thank them enough for their full support always to my music. Crossing the borders of genres and countries, I hope this community expands much more, connecting great people through real dance music. Thanks again, from Tokyo

Miwa Bravebird (Singer/Sound producer)

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