“Rain Symphony” by A · Tonic (EP review)

Release Title: “Rain Symphony”
Producers: A · tonic, Zaria
Label: Valkyria Records
Release: Beatport Exclusive May 21st, All platforms June 4th.

This eclectic release features A · Tonic, an emerging artist with a distinct and powerful musical style. The title track “Rain Symphony” is dreamy and uplifting, while “Azar” brings it balance with dark, dramatic synth work. Zaria joins A · Tonic in a collaboration for “Dawn of Light” – a groovy and percussive tune with a variety of sonic delights. 

Be sure to look out for more releases from A · Tonic – he is becoming increasingly prolific and other than Valkyria, he has released on well-established melodic techno labels such as Polyptych, Awen, Three Hands Records, Uxoa Dutxa Elite, and more. There is a bright future ahead of him.

About Zaria

ZariaZaria is a melodic techno artist with a background in classical piano and a variety of other instruments. Her music production journey began in September 2018 and since then she has released several EPs and singles on a variety of labels around the world. Her eclectic musical history and passion for melody gives her a unique sound that is simultaneously dark and uplifting.

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