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“Psychology 201” for the Electronic Music Pro

In order to achieve any level of success in a field as challenging and competitive as the music industry is, I firmly believe that it is VITAL to develop the right attitude or mindset. Setting up a winning game plan and putting in the time you need on the most strategic stepping stones to your success can make all the difference, and developing/maintaining the right mindset can help keep you focused and on track along the way.

The following are just a few ideas I thought I would share, based on what I’ve learned over the years working as Founder & CEO of Electrofans.

  • Don’t (over-)assume things. This makes me think of that TV ad from a major fitness company I’ve been seeing recently: “Those words in your head, only you can hear them…” Get out of your head, look for concrete evidence (see “analytics” below). When in doubt, ask!

    Haven’t heard back from someone in a while regarding an important request? While it’s possible they may not be interested, they may just be incredibly busy. It’s ok to reach out with a polite and “gentle reminder” after a few weeks or so (with emphasis on the word “polite!” Just within the last few days I’ve seen posts on social media from DJs and label reps underscoring the importance of manners and polite etiquette)

  • Drop ANY sense of entitlement.
  • The cavalry is (likely) NOT COMING. If you really want it, if something has to get done – YOU HAVE TO DO IT. Own up to and embrace this responsibility if you really want to make it happen.
  • Appreciate everything everyone has done for you to help you get to where you are today. (GRATITUDE)
  • Be sure to go over your analytics and statistics REGULARLY! (How else will you be able to know what’s really working and what isn’t?)
  • Spend the majority of your limited, precious time on the most important, “needle-moving” aspects of your business or musical brand.
  • *Don’t overbook yourself! Make sure what you add to your daily/weekly planner is actually achievable within a given timeframe, alongside all of the other things on your list. If you pile too much on, this can confuse or distract you, and result in less rather than more actually getting done.
  • A few ounces of planning can turn into “pounds of success.” Mapping out your content or release schedule ahead of time can help you stay organized and more productive. It can also allow you to give your audience advance notice of your work, building anticipation ahead of a release or event.
  • “The force goes into the flow.” Repeated, regular tasks (whether it’s music production, social media content creation, tour or release planning, etc), even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, will reinforce your sense that things are moving along, as well as increase the likelihood that they actually DO move along!
  • COMMUNITY IS GOLD Nurture it, foster it – reward and help your VIP community members and super-fans every chance you get.

Hope some of these ideas resonated with you and can help! Let me know what you think.
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