Introducing “Music Industry How To”: Marketing & Business Advice For EDM Musicians


Make great electronic music, but all attempts of getting it heard on a wider scale have proved fruitless? Well this guide on music marketing from Music Industry How To could be what you need.

When starting out, most musicians don’t realize the importance of promoting their music. They assume that if they make good music, somehow people will magically hear it and they’ll get their big break. Unfortunately, as many find out the hard way after much time and money is dedicated, it doesn’t work like that.

Active effort is needed if you want to become the next Martin Garrix, deadmau5 or Zedd. All of these put in work alongside their teams to raise awareness of the music they make and become successful as musicians.

That said, when it comes to getting your music out there, there’s a lot of competition. If you want to stand out, you need to think outside the box. This video by Niclas Jeppsson and MIHT founder Shaun Letang gives some ideas of how you can do that, so you can start making your career financially sustainable:

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