Melanie C (self titled album)

A surprise, but an awesome one. The journey of a heart, broken, mended, and a spirit that rises from the ashes. Released earlier this year, the self titled album by Melanie C (also known as Sporty Spice, during her adventures with the Spice Girls)

This album of ten tracks covers emotions, walking away, finding oneself, to not giving up, and feeling reassurance you are enough. Plus each one connects to a different genre of music, from club, to dance, Trance, pop, r and b, and more.

Another fun note, she self produced the album. Giving it more energy than her past releases (which are also incredible). Definitely must check out her previous albums.

Melanie C is an awesome artist, songwriter, and producer. A multi talented, plus amazing individual. She has evolved over time, and become so much more. This album is a must own. Her message through music deserves to be felt, and make you move.

Album info:
Melanie C

Label Red Girl Media Ltd

Artist page: Melanie C

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