JP Lantieri Delivers Energetic Techno/House Album ‘Zodiac’


JP Lantieri Delivers Twelve Horoscope Signs Energetic Album ‘Zodiac’ And Invites Us To Dance Among The Stars That We All Are.


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Flemcy owner JP Lantieri has taken five years to prepare his 12-track ‘Zodiac’ album, and is releasing it both digitally and on CD, a nonstop rhythmic journey pulsating with kicks, bass and transcendent distorted melodies. ‘Zodiac’ is a dance music instrumental album covering progressive house, techno, house, melodic house, deep house, all seamlessly flowing creating an intertwined musical escape that navigates beyond time.

Undoubtedly, JP Lantieri’s talent is showcased in the album with every track. The detail in every production is precise with strong percussion, catchy synths, and heavy basslines. From ‘Aries’ to ‘Pisces’, every track has the ability to resonate with the listeners. Each track is dedicated to a sign of the western horoscope which JP Lantieri says is ‘a celebration of life and of the tremendous varieties of human characteristics which make our world so rich.

The album delivers a nostalgic techno vibe while showcasing contemporary electronic elements and arrangements. Every single has the ability to be a great tool for any techno and house DJ, as it can rattle any club. Moreover, ‘Zodiac’ is an album that should be in every techno aficionado and in every dance music lover’s playlist.

‘Zodiac’ truly takes the listener on a ride from expansive and vast to sparse and simple. Crescendos into almost nothingness take the audience on journeys of the mind and consciousness, while the body remains moving to the rhythm.

‘Zodiac’ is the perfect LP to play from beginning to end with tracks literally dedicated to every person. ‘As an instrumental dance music album I want the music to generate emotions, without the need of interpretation through lyrics’ says JP Lantieri ‘so, I invite you to come and dance among the stars that we all are.


JP Lantieri’s ‘Zodiac’ album is released both on CD and digitally by Flemcy Music and Right Recordings.

Digital release by Flemcy Music on
CD release by Right Recordings in brick and mortar stores
Release date 19th July 2019


Supported by Adana Twins, Agents Of Time, Alan Fitzpatrick, Armin van Buuren, Audiojack, Cevin Fisher, Charlie May, Chicola, Dance Anthems BBC, Danny Tenaglia, Edu Imbernon,, Erick Morillo, Fideles, Gusgus, Guy J, Guy Mantzur, Hunter Game, Karmon, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Lonya, Markus Schulz, Petar Dundov, Sasha Carassi, Shmitty, Suzy Solar and many more


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