LABEL SPOTLIGHT: Embarcadero Records

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Embarcadero Records shares some of the same operational values that we have here at Electrofans: quality over quantity, supporting a multitude of genres, and favoring “the more serious side of the electronic music dial…” They’ve released music from a variety of artists such as Aural Imbalance, Tomi Chair, Ruffault, Shaun Valentine, Emran Badalov, and label-head, Donald Wilborn. They have various sub-labels, such as “Embarcadero Red,” which is focused more on house music specifically.

Music from the label is also available for licensing to compilations (for contact info, see below).

Here are some samples of Embarcadero Records’ music:

atmospheric drum and bass

club-friendly house music

shuffling tech house


Embarcadero Records was founded in 2006, primarily as a way to bring quality electronic music to people across the world. Spanning genres such as cinematic ambient, spacey house, progressive breaks, experimental techno, and melodic trance. Influenced by vast traveling, beautiful people, and a insatiable appetite for clubbing, the label is dedicated to providing the soundtrack to nightlife lovers around the globe.

For Licensing, Bookings & Remixes:

Demo Submission:


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