Lyrics and Vocals: Hidden Tigress
Producer and Sound Design: Deme3us
Release: September 14th 2020 (Out Now)
Label: Synchronized Musik
Available at all digital music stores
A track with unique energy, vibes, and sound. Hidden Tigress’s vocals lead you into a journey of the mind, the feels, and emotional drive of every part of the lyrics. The melody cascades, evolves, and breaks down throughout connecting the dots to every word. But it also fills your mind with imagery, where can you go, there’s nothing you can do, but accept it. But no.. that’s not the way, its the realization of what’s inside of you, how you face your fears, what holds you back from doing what you can.

It is a very different song that comes from both artists, but it is a fantastic track that urges you to listen, from beginning, to its marvelous conclusion. It is a song you can also close your eyes, find your balance, and a moment of clarity with. Or get up and lose yourself into. There are so many layers within both parts, and it flows elegantly like a rush of electricity & vocals that rush through your system

It also comes in various flavors, from original mix, radio edit, and dub.
This is a track that must be heard, and in your playlist.

Let it take those voices away, even for a few minutes

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