Circle of Lights [Zodiac 13]

Transport yourself to the future, in the here and now. This album is fresh, futuristic, uplifting, bright and lovely. Having made it to #1 on the Beatport charts, this debut album from the Zodiac13 label covers the gamut of the sonic spectrum, ranging from sumptuous trance, to underground tech house, to lush and sparkling progressive.

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Consisting of 13 tracks (to symbolize Zodiac 13), ‘Circle of Lights’ is a body of work that is at once delicate, nuanced, romantic, and cinematic. A must-check-out for the serious electronic music listener that will provide you with many happy and inspiring repeat listens.

= = = = =

KOKI KUNITAKE, Yuuki Hori, 06R, NAYUTA, Chimipui (Kei How and Hal Paca Mi), Sick of TV, Anthony Huttley, mixxcolors,, Ebiza, Keisuke Kimura, Natulax, Takuya Yamashita

Artwork Design: Yerruy83


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