Castle of Sand (review)

Track title: Castle of Sand
Lyrics and Vocals by: Hidden Tigress
Producer: Cyril Ryaz
Released thru Masana Records
(a part of Abora Recording Label family)

Picture the freedom of the waves, as a sunset touches the heavens. And the stars caress the night sky. That is what this monumental track dives into, an emotional feeling, and sensation of radiant energy. The need to be somewhere, where a breeze touches your skin, but also frees your mind. Both the melody, and the mesmerizing vibes of vocalist & songwriter Hidden Tigress create an unforgettable experience that is a must-listen, thru your heart, and soul.

Hidden Tigress’s incredible lyrics, and vocals capture the imagination, heart, and soul of this amazing track. It is one of those songs, if you close your eyes, picture the atmosphere, and the flow of energy, that feels like a warm hug. And you never want to let it go. An astonishing experience, from beginning to end, it cascades, and digs deep into your heart.

Cyril’s amazing melody built around the vocals, and mesmerizing lyrics, flow so well together. The track has a momentum, from start to finish. It feels like an old school track from another time, yet modern with a vibe all its own. It is beautiful, captivating, and a dream to listen to, and totally deserves to be heard, felt, and enjoyed.

Sadly, the music lost a growing star. but Cyril is not to be forgotten. As he has a library of amazing songs that continue his legacy, a journey of life, and beyond. Inspired by various talents, and his own growing style, Castle of Sand compliments the concepts, and energy that the song wanted to be. A treasure, a gift to the world, forever, always.

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Castle of Sand

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