Rusty Emerges from Australia’s South with Dance-Pop Banger, ‘Dangerous’

You may not know this, but Australia is not all golden beaches and bikinis. Today we traverse to Australia’s south, where you can find cold temperatures, fine wine and a giant pigeon statue. The city is called Adelaide, and with a modest population of just over 1.3 million people, there is a disproportionate amount of great musical talent emerging from the region. Perhaps it is all that good wine…

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Feel good vibes with Adelaide producer Rusty. Image: supplied

Rusty’s story is one of perseverance and creativity. Battling health issues following a bout with COVID-19 in 2022, he found solace and inspiration in music production. Despite facing life-altering conditions like POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome), chronic fatigue syndrome, and mast cell activation syndrome, RUSTY turned adversity into opportunity, using music as a means of expression and healing.

Drawing from a diverse range of influences, including Fred Again, Martin Garrix, David Guetta, Cheat Codes, and NOTD, Rusty’s sound is a fusion of dance-pop with elements of house and future house. His debut single, “Kiss” and second single, “Love U More” were well received, showcasing his talent for writing catchy songs that connect with a wide audience. With over 60,000 Spotify streams and a growing fan base, Rusty is quickly making an impression in the dance-pop music space.

Rusty has recently unveiled his latest track, “Dangerous.” Released under his own label, Sunlit Records on January 19, this upbeat dance-pop track showcases Rusty’s uplifting sound and style. ‘Dangerous’ is genre-defying house, with hints of pop, indie, electro and a sprinkling of UK garage. A catchy female vocal rounds off the track, which could easily garner broader mainstream appeal, something dance music doesn’t always do.

Whether you’re hearing it on the dance floor or on the radio, Rusty’s music is full of hope and positivity, and really, that is something all of us can use a little more of right now.

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