Artist Coaching - Terms of Service

The following are the steps involved and the terms of service for requesting an Artist Coaching session (or initial consultation) with Electrofans:
1) FIRST STEP: Submit the “REQUEST ARTIST COACHING” form on the page of the coach you would like to book to schedule your free 30-minute initial consultation! During this session (on Zoom), we will go over some of the high-level ways we can best help you meet your goals, put together an “action plan,” and schedule your first coaching session.

(*If you want to skip the initial consultation and just schedule a coaching session, you can just submit the “REQUEST ARTIST COACHING” form, and then we will send you a confirmed time and day for your session that will work for both you and your coach.)

2) Once the above is done, send a payment of US $40 / hour of coaching session to us via PayPal (we will email you payment details once appointment time and date are confirmed).

3) Once payment is received, we will create and send to you your Zoom coaching session link.

4) Just join your coaching session on Zoom at your scheduled time and date!

*PLEASE NOTE: All coaching services will be provided as is. We will do our best to help you meet all of your goals, however no guarantees are implied and no refunds for service will be available once payment has been made.

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