Five reasons why you should always use email to contact labels & promoters

While social media is great for “news blasts” and getting the word out, e-mail is a much better, more legitimate way to reach out to people in the music business with a serious inquiry.

Here are five reasons why:

1) It’s more professional, and shows that you are serious enough to take the time to use a “more official channel.”

2) The label or promoter you’re trying to reach may not even see your message (or at least not see it very easily if they’re not currently following you. Examples: Twitter, Instagram)

3) Often times, e-mail may be where the person from the company you’re trying to reach does their work (and not on social media channels)

4) Some people in the music industry may only conduct business/communicate officially through email rather than social media channels AS A POLICY (they may also want to do this as part of a clear separation between their business and personal life).

5) Privacy/security

*Also, be sure to include your name and a valid way to contact you (along with any relevant links to your work) at the bottom of your message, AND make sure you address the person you are emailing!! (Rather than just sending your blanket message, without the person/company’s name, which clearly shows you are just copying and pasting en masse). I know, there are many times when it’s so much easier to just copy and paste emails, and it can be practical/time-saving (I’ve been there myself), but at least addressing the recipient IN SOME WAY will make it look a bit nicer and show some basic manners and etiquette.

Oh and let me also bring up the importance of USING A PRESS KIT…. look for that in my column next week!

Little things can help you go a long way toward advancing your music career and standing out in an over-crowded field of players. Bottom line: if you want to BE a professional, you’ve got to ACT in a professional manner! 🙂

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