Album review: Desire Part 3

Album: Desire (Part 3)
Singer / Songwriter: Hidden Tigress
Original Producer: Platunoff
Remixes by:
Urban Lea
Alan Cuevas
Experimental Feelings
Shayan Pasha
Release on: Old SQL Recordings

Available everywhere

Another astonishing collection of remixes, for this irresistible tune. In this set, four more take your heart, and soul on an astonishing journey. With emotions, feels, heat, energy, and fire.

Urban Lea
A flow of energy, percussion, melodic tones, and the amazing vocals by Hidden Tigress. They bond together, creating something unique from original melody. It resonates a moonlit night, and it lets you lose control, and enjoy every minute. The seamless mood just feels right. close your eyes, and let it take you away.

Alan Cuevas
Complimenting the original melody, but a mix of vibrant beats, immersive background vocals, and a warmth that digs deep within. The tone is a feeling, the crashing of waves, with the energy connecting to your heart and soul. It is captivating, and beautiful from start to finish. It is romantic, energized, and immersive.

Experimental Feelings
Taking a different direction, opening with a more festive Carnival (Mardi Gras) energy, and shifts into various beats, and percussion with the astonishing vocals by Hidden Tigress. Its tough to translate what it wants to be, but it is a unique remix. There are some odd out of sync parts with the melody, and a drop off of the vocals for some odd reason. In the middle section of the tune, it connects to another vibe, and the flow comes back. Its unlike any of the other remixes, a stand out for sure.

Shayan Pasha
Feeling a club vibe, that sensation and energy that gets you moving. It builds up the melody gradually, and keeps the energy flow moving in a stunning way. When the vocals kick in, there is that heat and passion again. Both melody and vocals come together as one in an incredible resonance. A spectacular, and vibrant mix that is incredible and compliments the entire album.

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