12 “Secret Tips” for Success

  • Take chances
    Grab an opportunity when you see it! (Jump off the fence, and “get it out the door”)
  • Be unique
  • Change it up
    The greater the variety of things you do, the more likely it is that you can find success.
  • Be exciting/dramatic
  • Work on projects you are passionate about or that you believe in
  • Learn to embrace the challenge
    *Look at it as excitement instead of drudgery or being overwhelmed.
  • Find balance & harmony in your life – SELF-CARE IS REAL!
    Be sure to take breaks, get exercise, proper sleep, eat well. And do something fun/get some laughs! Slow down more often / take some of the pressure off yourself….
  • Find a way to shift more of your time to focus on your most important tasks
  • Come to realize that “success” actually consists of what you do in your day-to-day, OVER TIME
    Create your own unique definition of success / don’t compare yourself to others too much
  • Find a mentor or coach who can help you get organized, be more strategic and effective
  • Help others

= = = = =

Of course in reality, there are as many different paths to success as there are creators, but hope this can inspire you with some useful tips to get started.


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