Steve Aoki drops new album, “Paragon”

“Paragon,” the new album just dropped by famed cake-tossing DJ, Steve Aoki, has a nice fresh, upbeat vibe to it. Featuring solid collabs with names like Ne-Yo (on the catchy opening track, “Heavenly Hell”), Raphaella (the bouncing, “Clap Back”), Kalan.FrFr, KIDDO, Bassjackers, Teddy Bee, Lil Jon, and more, this record is sure to be a hit and rock dancefloors worldwide. Containing 18 tracks, “Paragon” offers a fresh new take for dance music fans.

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All in all, this album is filled with fun, pleasing, feel-good vibes, and has something for a variety of dance music & EDM aficionados.


Steve’s new album, Paragon, reflects his return to dancefloor roots. It features collaborations with artists and producers, blending afrobeat, baile funk, phonk, house, hiphop, pop, and Euro EDM. The album highlights emerging vocalists from around the world. The focus track, “Heavenly Hell” ft. Ne-Yo, is a catchy dance-pop anthem with Aoki’s beats and Ne-Yo’s smooth vocals.


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