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Globetrekking Soundscape Artist

Chris Drifter & Reelaux featuring Hidden Tigress - Daydreaming

Nygma - Road to Home [Fuzzy Recordings]
High-octane progressive brilliance.....

Gatto - Spaced Invaders
Ambient soundscapes weave, meld, and collide together to form a unique pattern.

Nick Lindahl - Feel You
Tropical-flavoured, up-and-coming Euro house dance hit

SNR & Evin Skye - Up
This EP by SNR (Adrenalin Room label head), featuring Evin Skye on vocals - along with powerful guest vocal performances from Jhana & ESSLU - has an upbeat, summery vibe to it, and is one that is sure to lift your mood and spirits anytime.

Flemcy Music - One Year Anniversary Album
This entire set from Flemcy Music is a straight-ahead, tour-de-force of tech house-oriented power tracks

TronTronic Entertainment Mini Music Sampler
Includes the Top 5 Swiss DJ chart hit, "To The Sunset," the Jay Hubbard/Reat Kay Remix of the vocal track, "Hold my Breath" by Audio Trip (featuring Natasha Anderson), and Reat Kay's own signature hit, "Trippin."


Japan in the Mix
Progressive House

Special guest mix including artists from Otographic Music and RockRiver Records, Shingo Nakamura, Tomoyuki Sakakida, Kana, Miwa, Aitra, CloudLab, Tranceformer Yuno, Takuma Iwakawa, Kiwamu.

Aitra Progressive Mix
Progressive House

This progressive cocktail features: One part tropical club, three parts dramatic atmosphere & lush soundscapes - with splashes of deep progressive house - all mixed together by Polish progressive artist, @aitra!! Enjoy.

Progressive Trance/Tech House

Tonelero covers an array of styles: heavy on the trance (having re-mixed the track 'Child of Forever' from Hemstock & Jennings featuring the "Queen of Trance," Jan Johnston on vocals) to upbeat dance tempos with a techno-y edge, to even some splashes of dubstep.

Stunna Electrofans Mix
Drum and Bass

Superstar DJ & producer Stunna from Chicago presents: a sonic journey - into DRUM, BASS, & BEYOND....

Kana Mix
Progressive House

Special guestmix prepared by the fantastic producer, DJ and re-mixer from Japan, KaNa (@kanaijuin), exclusively for Contains ten tracks representing a complete cross-section of all of her work, with a bit of a special, wintry magical twist thrown in as only KaNa can. Enjoy!

Wilson Costa Special Mix
Deep House/House

Wilson Costa, A&R Director of Makira Deep label, prepared this awesome, high-energy mix especially for us.


Artist Showcase #1

Featuring 13 tracks from ten different artists around the globe, covering styles ranging from progressive house to chill to drum and bass.


Interview with Kirsty Hawkshaw

Kevin from Electrofans talks with Kirsty about her new record label, Wellhead Records, her musical & artistic vision, collaborations with fellow legends Seba and Ulrich Schnauss, a reunion with Opus III, and more!