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Tiefhaus Records Producer Interview - MASTERS IN THE MIX
An interview with all of the producers included on the EP, 'Kilimanjaro,' out June 20th on Tiefhaus Records.

We spoke to Eric Rigo (the original producer), as well as each of the three producers contributing a remix to the EP, about their approach to production and re-mixing, both on this release and in general.



Electrofans: Hey guys, what's up and thanks for joining us! Well, the original version of 'Kilimanjaro' (from Eric Rigo) starts things off with subtle and delicate tones, "like a movie score," just as described... Eric, was there a particular image or message you wanted to evoke with this track? Tell us about how you first conceived it, and how you went about arranging the parts together.

I actually wrote this song about a year ago and it is just seeing the light of day now. I strive for 'atmosphere' in a lot of my work. I try to have the listener paint their own picture by implying 3-dimensional space in my mixes. This track in particular references the images I have seen of the dormant volcano 'Kilimanjaro'. In these images, there is usually a large open field, perhaps some animals, some trees, and finally the massive volcano dominating the picture...foreground, middleground, and background. These are the types of images and impressions that inspire my music.

The arrangement of the song comes from a time where I was exploring compositions of a track over time. I was experimenting with having different 'acts' or 'sequences' throughout the track. Changing of moods and vibes with smooth transitions in between. Sometimes this style is not the best choice for something that should be played on the dance floor, but rather something a listener can kick back on the couch and have a listen.

Why did you select Gary, Peter, and Tyler in particular to handle the re-mix duties for this EP??
Honestly, I was introduced to Peter and Tyler by Hugo Allen, the Co-Manager at Tiefhaus. He suggested them as we were searching for remixers for my track at the conception of this EP. I was liking their sounds so I agreed to have them take a go at a remix.

I knew Gary previously. I had heard some of his stuff before and I was really enjoying the 80's style prog that he was turning out (at an incredible rate). I knew he could bring some interesting flavors to the EP.
(HUGO FROM TIEFHAUS: Aforementioned remixers were available, genuine about taking on Eric Rigo's "Kilimanjaro," putting their own spin on it.)


First up, Gary McDonald picks up the tempo, while at the same time keeping things smooth, as is one of his trademarks.

Gary, you've done some really quality re-mixes (Dunkan's "Night Is Over," "Red Sky At Night" - with Greenage:, for example) tell us about your approach to re-mixing other producers' tracks in general, and what was unique about how you put together the remix of 'Kilimanjaro'?

When I first hear a track that I am asked to remix I try to find certain elements within the track which really stand out, then I try to implement my own particular sound to these parts, I sometimes like to change the whole key of the track to make it sound more dark or on the other hand more bright and happy sounding depending on what style I am going for weather its a 80s sounding remix or more progressive house.

What was unique about 'Kilimanjaro' was the variety of sounds that really gave the track a lot of atmosphere and drive, I really like the chords in this track, I thought they sounded really different to other tracks out there at the moment.

Overall I am really happy with the way this release turned out, and I would like to thank Eric and Tiefhaus for having me on the track.

The Peter de Leon remix is next, maintaining a smooth & calm tonal demeanour, with synth swells fading in gradually.

Peter, what was your take on doing this mix?

Being assigned by Tiefhaus, the remix was influenced by the label, with them providing me direction and catering to a style that's appropriate to the label and to myself. My electro influences shows I have a place on the label.

Closing out the EP is Tyler Dodds with the last mix on the set.

Tyler, you've really done an interesting job here with the overall contents of your track. Liking the hi-hats, the faint inclusion of the vocal samples and the extra-delicate, kind of bell-like tones you used, and then the build-up to the beautiful piano sequence. Tell us about how you approached this re-mix!

The approach I took with my remix of Eric Rigo's "Kilimanjaro" was different because I usually go with a faster tempo for my songs. Mainly for this remix I was trying to experiment with a deeper sound as well as keeping it melodic and adding as much as I can to the track. Also instead of having the usual chord based melodic progressions I tried adding more of a baseline to take over the usual sound. This remix was mainly an experiment with a deeper sound I've been working on. Thanks for the interview!

Guys, best of luck for big success on the release, and thanks for taking the time to talk with us!!


Tiefhaus Records website

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Wed Jul 23, 2014

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