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Privacy Policy

We want to make a pointed, express effort here at Electrofans.com to be very upfront and honest with you about our policy regarding receipt and transmission of all information from you that we come across. To that end, we have established this Privacy Policy:

• We may use technology called “cookies” (as does nearly every major web portal or social media site) – which are bits of code used to detect things like your geographic area, browser/platform you’re viewing pages on, and screensize – for general statistical purposes, to help improve the site or make it easier to use, and to serve you better, more customized content.

• Regarding usage of content/information we receive from users on Electrofans.com, it is our guarantee to you that we will never transmit any personally identifiable information (such as your email address, real name, etc) to our clients, partners, or other third parties without your permission (or unless you opt-in to give your permission for us to share certain information about you with our partners), provided you are not in violation of our “Terms of Use” (see above), or engaging in untoward, suspicious, or illegal activities in your use of the website.

Terms of Use

So that we can do our best to assure a positive experience for all of our community members, by registering for or using this site, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

• Be kind to each other! (no harrassment of other users)

• No spam or “way off-target” posts or comments.

• You are at least eighteen years of age.

• You will not use this community to take part in any activity in any way that is illegal.

• You agree that we at Electrofans.com will not be held responsible and will be “held harmless” for anything resulting from use of this website (please use discretion while using the site).

• Absolutely NO POSTING of links to mp3/file-sharing sites and the like (unless, for example, an artist has offered a “free download” of a track on, say, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, or their own website, i.e. link must be to an official site or social media site belonging to the artist who is the author of the track).

• You assume responsibility for all copyright issues related to any content (text/images etc) that you upload to or post on this site (please e-mail us for any copyright-related issues).

• The copyrights to artist images, song names, lyrics, official artist descriptions (authored by the artists or labels), trademarks, and all music accessible anywhere throughout this website or on any social media outlets posted officially by Electrofans belong completely to the original artists/creators of the music and/or their respective representative recording labels. All such material is used only for the purposes of helping to promote work by the artists and labels, with no copyright ownership of said original works implied or claimed by Electrofans.com (unless otherwise stated).

• Opinions and statements expressed through all user/third-party-generated content – including, but not limited to: comments and posts made by Electrofans site members, interviews, guestmixes, as well as any other content that may appear on or be associated in any form with the site – are those of their original authors, and do not necessarily reflect those of Electrofans.com.

Please be advised that we reserve the right (at our sole discretion) to:
– delete any content (or user’s profile in certain cases) that we determine to be abusive, excessive, off-topic, or inappropriate,

– make minor edits to posts or re-assign, add or remove post categories or tags in certain cases (in order to better fit into the context of our framework).

Feel free to e-mail us with any questions or concerns you may have at any time, and we hope you have fun and find the site useful!

Revised: April 26, 2022

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