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Electrofans Connect
 The Network for Electronic Music Professionals


We’ve spent the last ten years building the amazing platform that Electrofans is today, and now we’re bringing our amazing COMMUNITY of producers, label heads, promoters and DJs together with Electrofans CONNECT.

*First 50 people to sign up for our initial private beta group get FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR ONE FULL YEAR! (a $60 value)

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*Why would you like to join Electrofans CONNECT, and what would you most like to get out of it?

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Our intention for this is to LEVERAGE THE POWER OF OUR NETWORK for our music professional members, and to maximize value for everyone involved.

Producers, DJs, event promoters, artist management agencies and label heads, sign up for our free initial private beta group and access these benefits:

  • Share your work with the VIP members of our group (esteemed label heads, producers, radio show hosts, and more).
  • Get feedback, advice and support on your work/professional direction in your music career.
  • Producers and labels / meet each other in an exciting new “Matchmaker” private area on the website.
  • Connect with like-minded, super-passionate electronic music professionals.
  • Join topic-centered meetings (with other Connect Community members as well as special industry-leader guests).
  • Learn new techniques, tips & tricks for growing your music brand and following.
  • Bounce ideas off fellow members, and much more.

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