Kolonie Artist Spotlight

Kane Harris and Shane Long, aka “Kolonie,” have been seriously lighting up the dance music scene. This powerhouse progressive/trance duo from London, England has played shows in New York (Trance Family NYC) and London’s prestigious Ministry of Sound. They’ve been featured multiple times on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy, and have also mixed a special ADE compilation from Enhanced Music for this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event (which they played at as well).

They’ve done productions for various labels: ZeroThree Music, Enhanced, Statement, Ultraviolet, and now Garuda/Armada.

We first heard about Kolonie through tracks such as “You Know Why” and “Moments” released a few months back:

In addition, they also have a radio show/podcast, “Homeland Radio” over on their SoundCloud page, where you can check out a nice roundup of dance/EDM, trance and progressive tracks:

Their latest release will be a re-mix of “Vesper,” from Gareth Emery & Ashley Wallbridge feat NASH. Look for it this Friday, November 8 on Garuda!










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