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Producers of original music, send us your demos! We want to help showcase your work.




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How do I edit my profile, check private messages, access 'Chat' and other user-oriented stuff?
Desktop/laptop users: look on the top right of your screen, and first 'Log In' (once you have registered), then you will see - again at top right of the screen - your first name (which you can click to view your public profile page), 'Edit Profile' and 'Inbox' links.

Mobile users: Tap the two rows of dotted blue lines on the top left of your mobile browser screen to popout the User Edit area, with links to 'Sign Up' or 'Log In', etc. Then, once you're logged in, you can tap the dotted lines on the top left of your screen again to show/hide the USER AREA, where you can visit/edit your profile, Inbox, etc.

Interactive content: just go to the 'Community' page! Once you've registered and logged in, you'll be able to make comments, post in the Shoutbox, and more.

Artist search is ordered alphabetically by first letter of artist's (first) name. So, if for example, you are searching for "Darin Epsilon," if you start typing "D-A-...," his name will pop out in the drop-down menu and you can select his name to load his artist page.

How do I return to the 'HOME' page?
Click or press the main banner at the top of the page.

Why do I keep getting logged out of the Chat room?
In order to facilitate the best possible user experience, the chat room has been set up to log out users who have not made any chat posts within a certain amount of time (five minutes desktop or iPad), three minutes on a mobile device.

Why do I have to open the activation e-mail in order to sign up for this site?
The reason we require e-mail validation (opening the 'Activation' e-mail sent to the e-mail address you used when you originally registered your profile), is to cut down on spam, fake users, and other noise that could detract from a quality experience on the site. We require this as a first step for everyone to be able to post on the wall, discussions, other people's profiles, send/receive messages, and participate in Chat.

I signed up via "E-Mail" and I never received the e-mail with the activation link
Please check your 'Spam,' 'Bulk Mail' or 'Other' folders, it's probably there.

How do I create a playlist, and where will I see it?
go to the 'Edit Profile' page, scroll down to where it says "MY PLAYLISTS". Enter a title for your first playlist in the box title "Playlist 1 Name," then enter up to five tracks by pasting in a link to a SoundCloud, Youtube or Mixcloud URL. (You can create up to three different playlists, of up to five tracks each). After you've added/edited your playlist track links, scroll to the very bottom of the 'Edit Profile' page, click the big button that says "Update Profile Information". Now, when you reload your Electrofans PROFILE page, you will see the tracks embedded in the page.

What are the "Hot Tracks of the Moment?"
These can either be (for fans): whatever current song has been in your head lately, or, for DJs/producers, this could be the top tracks that crowds have really been loving when you're playing out.

The site content doesn't look right.
If you are browsing in Internet Explorer, please ensure you are using the latest version of IE (if you are not sure, you can update your Internet Explorer here.

How do I send somebody a message?
One of two ways, either 1) On a user's 'Member Profile' page, if they have authorized ability for other users to send them messages via Electrofans, you will see a "Send USERNAME a message" link, just below their name, click on that link to open a pop-up window where you can send the message, or 2) Go to 'Inbox' and click the 'Compose A Message' button.

Why is this site called "ELECTROFans," is it all about "cheesy electro and dubstep" music??
We originally chose the name "Electro" for the website some time ago, because we thought it was a catchy name that might resonate well with fans of electronic music across all genres of electronica (progressive, house, drum & bass, EDM, ambient, and more). Please have a look, and see what you think! Hope you enjoy your stay, and please reach out and share your feedback & comments any time :-).

Have a question about something else not covered here?
Please visit our Contact Us page, fill out the form, and we'll get back to you straightaway with more information!