Contributing Editor: Ronan Johnston

Ronan is the founder and head of Progressive State Records, a label “focusing on melodic uplifting feel good music.” They’ve amassed an impressive initial following (in no small wonder due to their many lovely releases already thus far), and have garnered support from Roger Shah, Dave Pineda, Danny Druce, Kevin Holdeen, Roald Velden, Suzy Solar, Cosmic Gate, and more.

Demos and remix enquires send to (private SoundCloud links preferred).

I have been a huge follower of electronic music my whole life beginning in the early 90s with house and trance music. I was a dedicated listener to the very famous global underground mix series my main inspiration comes from that. I launched progressive state Records in 2016 to mainly focus on melodic progressive house and trance music. I have worked with some of the most gifted music producers and had some of the best djs in the world support the label.

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